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June Month Profit Loss Report
01-30 Jun 2023 Profit Loss Report
Total Profit ₹ 630,625
Total Loss ₹ 205,245
NET PROFIT ₹ 425,380 in 1 LOT
As We Says Last Month Get Ready for the Jabardast June & This is Super Profit Gift of 4.25 Lac per Lot, We Say Can Earn 50000+++ Minimum Net Profit Now we Caought Almost 8X of Commitment, Hope you also Enjoyed a Lot in Jun Month.
15 Jul -19 Jul Profit Loss Report
Mon- ₹ 31950 (Profit)
Tue- ₹ 25500 (Profit)
Wed- ₹ 5500 (Loss)
Thu- ₹ 38500 (Profit)
Fri- ₹ 31850 (Profit)
NET PROFIT ₹ 122,300/-
As Suggested in Last week to Ready for the New Month Profit
see the Result this Week Catch 122300 per Lot Profit after Loss Cover with 1 lot Trading
Hope you Enjoyed Profit. Dont Miss the Next Week Profit
Ready for Next Week Good profit Guysssssssss

Monday (22 Jul 2024)

  • Gold Sell 73120 TP 72772 SL 73301---Target Done---Profit 34800
  • Gold Sell 73220 TP 72772 SL 73301---Not Active
  • NG Sell 185 TP 177 SL 189---SL Done---Loss 5000 
  • Zinc Sell 261.2 TP 258.5 SL 262.3---Target Done---Profit 13500
  • Copper Sell 816 TP 809 SL 819---ProfitBook:812---Profit 10000 

Tuesday (23 Jul 2024)

  • Zinc Sell 261.2 TP 258.5 SL 262.3---Target Done---Profit 13500
  • Crude Sell 6560 TP 6480 SL 6590---SL Done---Loss 3000---Then TP done
  • Gold Buy 72250 TP 72600 SL 72120---Target Done---Profit 35000
  • Copper Sell 808 TP 800 SL 811---ProfitBook:803.7---Profit 10750
  • Silver Sell 85300 TP 84000 SL 85700---ProfitBook:84900---Profit 12000 

Wednesday (17 Jul 2024)

  • Gold Buy 74470 TP 74800 SL 74270---SL Done---Loss 20000---High 74731
  • Gold Buy 74360 TP 74800 SL 74270---ProfitBook:74500---Profit 14000
  • Silver Buy 93400 TP 94500 SL 93000---SL Done---Loss 12000
  • Zinc Sell 269.5 TP 267 SL 270.5---Target Done---Profit 12500 

Thursday (18 Jul 2024)

  • Crude Sell 6855 TP 6760 SL 6895---ProfitBook:6810---Profit 4500
  • Copper Sell 839 TP 833 SL 842---SL Done---Loss 7500---Then TP done
  • Gold Sell 74510 TP 74150 SL 74630---Target Done---Profit 36000
  • Aluminium Sell 224 TP 221 SL 225.1---ProfitBook:222.90---Profit 5500 

Friday (19 Jul 2024)

  • Zinc Sell 265.8 TP 263 SL 267---SL Done---Loss 6000---Then TP done
  • Gold Buy 73490 TP 73850 SL 73337---SL Done---Loss 15300
  • Crude Sell 6770 TP 6690 SL 6801---SL Done---Loss 3100---then Down
  • Gold Sell 73510 TP 73150 SL 73630---Target Done---Profit 36000
  • Copper Sell 823 TP 815 SL 826---ProfitBook:820.3---Profit 6750
  • Silver Sell 89900 TP 88800 SL 90300---ProfitBook:89450---Profit 13500 

Before Last Week P/L Report

08 Jul -12 Jul 2024 Profit/Loss Report
Mon- ₹ 49250 (Profit)
Tue- ₹ 14500 (Profit)
Wed- ₹ 33250 (Profit)
Thu- ₹ 26500 (Profit)
Fri- ₹ 33750 (Profit)
NET PROFIT ₹ 157,250/-
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